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Date Away Team Home Team Location Result/Time
201305111600 Toccoa Falls Eagles Dallas Christian Crusaders Prasco Park, Mason, OH TFC 4, DCC 3 Final
201305110145 Florida Christian Suns Dallas Christian Crusaders Legacy Field, Mason, OH DCC 3, FCC 1 Final
201305101600 Florida Christian Suns Clearwater Christian Cougars Legacy Field, Mason, OH FCC 11, CCC 1 Final
201305092345 Toccoa Falls Eagles Dallas Christian Crusaders Prasco Park, Mason, OH TFC 4, DCC 0 Final
201305092200 Florida Christian Suns Cairn Highlanders Legacy Field, Mason, OH FCC 15, CU 2 Final
201305092100 Clearwater Christian Cougars Lincoln Christian Red Lions Prasco Park, Mason, OH CCC 9, LCU 0 Final
201305091800 Dallas Christian Crusaders Florida Christian Suns Prasco Park, Mason, OH DCC 4, FCC 0 Final
201305091500 Arlington Baptist Patriots Cairn Highlanders Prasco Park, Mason, OH CU 5, ABC 4 Final
201305091500 Ohio Christian Trailblazers Lincoln Christian Red Lions Legacy Field, Mason, OH LCU 4, OCU 3 Final
201305090030 Toccoa Falls Eagles Clearwater Christian Cougars Legacy Field, Mason, OH TFC 16, CCC 2 Final
201305082000 Lincoln Christian Red Lions Florida Christian Suns Legacy Field, Mason OH FCC 8, LCU 1 Final
201305082000 Ohio Christian Trailblazers Dallas Christian Crusaders Prasco Park, Mason OH DCC 4, OCU 1 Final
201305081700 Cairn Highlanders Toccoa Falls Eagles Prasco Park, Mason OH TFC 11, CU 0 Final
201305081700 Arlington Baptist Patriots Clearwater Christian Cougars Legacy Field, Mason OH CCC 2, ABC 0 Final
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Team Standings

Toccoa Falls Eagles
4-0-0 78 Fans
Dallas Christian Crusaders
3-2-0 38 Fans
Florida Christian Suns
3-2-0 64 Fans
Clearwater Christian Cougars
2-2-0 77 Fans
Lincoln Christian Red Lions
1-2-0 12 Fans
Cairn Highlanders
1-2-0 11 Fans
Arlington Baptist Patriots
0-2-0 25 Fans
Ohio Christian Trailblazers
0-2-0 19 Fans

Group Admin: Jeff Zurcher

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