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GameChanger is free for coaches and scorekeepers.

Our business is supported by parents and fans who pay for Premium Fan Access.

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  • Team Admin Access (Free)

    Three coaches or scorekeepers per team can use GameChanger for free:

    • Scorekeeping
    • All Stats and Game Charts
    • Recap Stories
    • Team Announcements
    • League and Tournament Tools

    • $0

    Create Your Team

    Team Admins may prepay to give all fans Premium Fan Access to your team.

    How GameChanger Works

  • Free Fan Access

    Follow any team on GameChanger for free and receive:

    • Schedules and Rosters
    • Live Scores
    • Game Start, Game Over Alerts
    • Team Announcements Alerts
    • Game Highlights

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    How GameChanger Works

  • Premium Fan Access

    You will get all Premium Fan Access to all GameChanger teams on all devices:

      You can follow games online, on your iPhone, iPad or other Mobile device.

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    • Live1 GameStream ( ? )
    • If your team is using the GameChanger scorekeeping app, you’ll never miss a play. We deliver a live GameStream of plays and stats to your computer or mobile device, as the game happens.

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    • Game Replay
    • In-Game Alerts ( ? )
    • Nobody wants to miss a big play. If you’re on the go we’ll send real-time game updates and player alerts via email or text.

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    • Season Stats and Charts2 ( ? )
    • We’re calculating dozens of pitching and hitting stats during every play. Many can be viewed within the GameChanger app and each one is displayed online.

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    • Recap Stories ( ? )
    • We write a game recap story for every game. Embedded Facebook comments will let you share with other fans, family or local media.

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    • $7.99 / monthly

    • or

    • $39.99 / yearly

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    • The 24-hour Free Trial is risk-free, no credit card needed. You’ll have complete, unrestricted access to all GameChanger teams. All you have to do is verify your email.

    How GameChanger Works

    — If you don’t want to continue using GameChanger after subscribing, just cancel anytime before the next billing cycle and you won’t be charged again.

Players, parents and friends of our program absolutely rave about GameChanger. It does it all for any baseball program.
— Josh Matheny, Martinsburg Bulldogs
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1.) If a scorekeeping device does not have network access (3G or WiFi) during a game then the GameStream and Alerts will not be delivered live. This content will be available as soon as the device regains network access.

2.) Team admins control who is approved to see seasons stats and spray charts. This control is not impacted by a fan’s account type (Basic or Premium). For example, if a team admin has privacy settings set to “Approved Access Only,” fans with Premium Accounts still won’t be able to view season stats and spray charts until they are approved by one of the Team Admins.

Team Admins have privacy control over season stats and spray charts and can therefore limit fan access to those features. Fans may request individual access to those features even if they are not available to the public.


Official Scoring Team

We encourage any user to create a GameChanger team and utilize our scorekeeping and stat management tools. As a result of this open platform, there may be several versions of the same team.

GameChanger is beta testing solutions to establish authenticity of teams so fans can easily trust that the teams they follow will provide consistent game data.

Official GameChanger teams will be marked with an official tag in search results and on team home pages.

GameChanger reserves the right to contact a team's head coach to confirm that it is an official team.